Perth is the sunniest capital in Australia, receiving about 14 hours of sunlight during the summer. UV rays have a detrimental affect your car’s paint. Protecting your investment is the primary reason to have your car detailed regularly. There are four levels to your car’s paint. On the bottom is the substrate, followed by the primer, then the paint color and finally the clear coat. The clear coat makes up 45-55% of your car’s paint. Not surprising that it is the most susceptible to the elements and damage. At Perth Car Detailing Specialist we use a fifteen step process to protect and clean the exterior of your car.


Exterior Car Detailing Perth

If you run your hand across the exterior surface of your car you will feel grit. Even if you’ve just washed your car today or the day before, your paint surface will feel gritty to the touch. It’s true that your car is a depreciating asset, but it’s an asset nonetheless. If you not only love your car but value the money you spent for it, have your car detailed periodically to maintain your paint’s glow and shine. We use a tried and true fifteen step process to clean the exterior of your car. We
Start with a pre-wash to remove loose road grime. A clay bar is used to detach contaminants within the cracks and crevices of your paint. Finally, we detail each panel and buff with a fine microfibre cloth. Even it cost money, able to do exterior car detailing will be worth it.

Interior Car Detailing Perth

We really don’t want to freak you out, but the inside of your car is filthy with bacteria. Your car is more than a mode of transportation. People transport their pets and sweaty kids from futbol practice in their cars. We’ve witnessed picking their noses, eating, cleaning and shaving in their vehicles – of course you’re not one of those people. Our cars have become our dining room, bathroom and office. To make matters worse, you’re less likely to clean your car’s interior than your bathroom, kitchen or keyboard – Yuck! Do yourself and your family a favor by letting Perth Car Detailing Specialist give your car interior a deep clean. Not only will you be healthier but your car will look brand new.

Car Detailing Perth Technique

Believe it or not, how we clean your car is more important than what we use to clean it with. Each car is different, but you can determine if you want a hand or machine buff. We use an air compressor to remove grime and water from hard to reach areas. This is efficient in terms of cleanliness and time. We know you don’t want to wait all day to drive your newly cleaned vehicle. Most detailers and novices will save the tyres for last. After we pre wash your car, the tyres are the second item on the list. Keeping your car’s surface lubricated while we are apply pressure to its surface is key in preventing paint failure.


When it comes to car detailing Perth, we follow the 80/20 rule. It is said that in relationships you never get 100% of what you’re looking for in a mate. The thought being that you’ll get 80% of what you want and the other 20% you’ll have to live with. When detailing your vehicle, 80% is effort and 20% are the tools we use. Inevitably, you will be 100% satisfied with the look, touch and smell of your ride. We use a pressure washer rather than a water hose to remove dirt and bird droppings swiftly from your car’s surface without further scratching it. A vapor steamer is employed to lift the dirt and bacteria from beneath your upholstery surface.