You may think that car detailing Perth is a waste of money, after all, you wash it whenever it’s dirty. The next time you go out to your car, gently run a clean hand across your car’s surface.  You will notice a slight sandpaper feeling across your fingertips and palm.  You’re feeling the dirt and debris trapped within the cracks of your paint’s surface.  Even if your car is generally parked in a residential or commercial car park it is still impacted by harsh UV rays, wind, dirt and heavy rains.  All of these factors damage your car more than you can imagine.


Protect your Investment by Exterior Car Detailing Perth

Car cleaner Perth is not just for the fanatic at heart. You don’t have to own a Tesla, Bentley or classic whip to treat your car right. Recall how much you paid for your car. If you’re like most Aussies, you’re still paying it off – truthfully, it belongs to the bank. Take a trip back in time and remember all the research you put into finding the right vehicle for your lifestyle, taste and budget. Even though they told you it would be a short while, it still took hours to negotiate your contractual terms. All the resources you used to purchase this vehicle, it would be senseless not to protect your investment.

The Elements

The highest recorded temperature in Perth recorded history is 44 degrees. We tend to believe that our vehicles are impervious to the elements. In fact they are susceptible to the sun’s rays, the beating of the rain and the incessant nature of the wind. This is the reason why your car has four coats of paint. The substrate is on the bottom layer, followed by the primer which allows the color to stick. The clear coat is applied last and gives your car a lustrous shine. If not properly protected, mars, dings and scratches will penetrate the top surface.

Mars, Dings and Scratches

When your car was manufactured, UV inhibitors were applied to the clear coat. The purpose of these inhibitors is to limit the destruction caused by the sun’s rays. Under a microscope, these inhibitors look like tiny bubbles. Over time, these bubbles rise to the top of the clear coat. When the wind blows dust and debris across your car’s surface, a mar is formed. A mar is a minor indentation in the paint that can be easily filled or buffed out. Scratches occur in the top coat and are easily filled with dirt and debris. Dings are a more serious matter because they penetrate all the way down to the substrate.

How the Magic Happens in Exterior Car Detailing Perth

We are an affordable car detailing company that takes its job very seriously. We utilize a tried and true 15 step cleaning method in Exterior Car Detailing Perth. Our specialists commence with a pre wash then follow up with the tyres. The door shuts, badges and fuel fillers are given ample attention. After we shampoo and rinse the exterior, a tar remover is applied. A fallout remover is utilized to remove iron oxide particles. Your car is dried a second time in preparation for the clay bar which will remove all the contaminants from the cracks in your paint’s surface. After the polish, sealant, wax and buffing, abracadabra, your car is looking like new again. Call us now to take care of all your exterior and interior car detailing Perth problems in no timw!