As members of the Australian Car Wash Association, we are well recognized within the industry. The ACWA sponsors workshops that help us market and grow our business. Attending the annual car wash show gives us access to the latest and greatest compounds, tools and equipment in the car wash world. After over ten years in the game, we have built a sizable client base. As a result, we’ve expanded our territory to cover all of western Perth Australia. We’ve grown from an army of one to a team of ten. Our facility is located in Perth giving you easy access whenever you’re in need of a good detail.

Perth Detailers are car nerds who make it our business to know everything about how to care for your car’s paint, wheels, upholstery, headliner, windows and dash. We provide the best in car detailing Perth, Australia. Ask around and you will soon discover that we are highly regarded and well sought after. Everyone on our team has passed an extensive background check before being green lit to join our company. We take the time to give your car the attention it needs. rom a Bugatti to a Tesla, we have the expertise to detail your car without incident. You can trust your baby with us because we have business insurance, so you never have to fret about any damage being done to your car. If paint protection is important to you, contact Car Detailing Perth Specialist.