The reason why your motorcycle looks dirty is not just the result of mud, dirt and the lack of a proper cleaning regimen.  Even after you’ve shampooed and buffed it out, it will still look less than clean. When the clear coat of your paint is in good condition, sunlight is reflected off your paint’s surface.  Over time, if not protected, your paint will be begin to form microscopic cracks and dirt will begin to accumulate in them.  The light will then enter the cracks instead of bouncing off them.  The result is that the light is diffused, making your bike appear dirty.  This is the primary reason to have your ride routinely detailed. 



If you’ve got a significant amount of chrome on your bike, we imagine that you’re a modern purist when it comes to bike design. Chrome is made to shine and leave a visual impact. When it is cloudy with fingerprints and dust, the aesthetic is dulled. Allow Perth Car Detailers to condition and shine your chrome. Like any metal, it must be conditioned periodically to maintain its luster and character. We apply a compound specifically formulated for industrial chrome. A soft microfibre sponge is used to apply the solution. After we let it cure, we use a fine microfibre cloth to make it shine.

Vinyl vs Leather

Are you a vinyl or leather rider? Whatever you chose for your bike, Perth Car Detailing Specialist have the upholstery solution for you. Motorcycle seats are susceptible to the rain and sun. As a result, they can wear down rather quickly. For leather we remove the seat before washing, then apply a leather cleaner followed by a conditioner. A soft bristle brush combined with a solution is used to clean the threading. Although vinyl is more durable, it still requires periodic care. An effective yet gentle cleaning solution is used for your vinyl. Cleaning is followed with a conditioning treatment that will be both good for the vinyl and your backside.


The wheels are just about the biggest thing on your bike. They have to shine and we have just the right technique, products and tools to keep your wheels right. After rinsing the wheels, we apply a wheel cleaning solution then use a wheel refurbishment Perth or detailing brush to remove the dirt, oil and gunk. The inside barrel is cleaned and then the entire wheel is rinsed. After drying your wheels, we apply a compound to the tyres to make them shine. While that is curing, we focus our attention on the rims. When we are done, people will think you have a brand new bike.


Don’t go slapping dishwashing liquid on your bike with a dirty rag! There’s always a right and a wrong way to go about it. Fortunately, we specialize in motorcycle detailing Perth and have the perfect solution to maintain the fibreglass on your bike. We treat your ride like it was our own. With a little elbow grease and a lot of care we will have your motorcycle looking like you just drove it off the lot. How we clean your bike is just as important as how we dry it. We take care to use a microfibre cloth to apply and remove cleaning solutions in long clean strokes. If you’re looking for a motorcycle detailing service, or an exterior car detailing Perth expert, just give Perth Detailer a call!