Your car seats have more bacteria than your toilet seats – Ewwww!  Just the thought of it has you looking at your seats differently.  Life happens; the baby has a diaper accident, the dog hasn’t had a bath in a while and in between everyone’s rehearsals, practices and play dates, you don’t have time for a decent meal, so you eat fast food in the car, occasionally dropping a fry or two or three.  The result is 100 different bacteria and fungi per square centimeter – that’s more than a toilet seat.  While you typically don’t sit with your skin exposed on the seat, that’s no reason why you shouldn’t be vigilant about having a clean car. 



There are more cleaning compounds and shine agents on the market than we have time to list. We attend the Car Wash Show in Melbourne annually. It’s always so exciting to see and try the new products on the market. Each year promises to have more effective and time saving products than the last. We do our due diligence to select the best products available. The Australian government has gotten increasingly stern regarding the environmental effects of chemicals and equipment used for cleaning vehicles. For this reason, we have invested 30% of our buying budget toward eco-friendly solutions and tools.


Our tools are our tricks to the trade. After ten years detailing vehicles, we’ve accumulated our tried and true favorites. The right tools dictate how long it takes for us to complete a detailing job. The more efficient we are, the faster you can go for a joy ride in your clean whip. The best tools can mean the difference between doing a good job and a great job. At Perth Detailing Specialist, we do a great job every time. We’ve whittled down the best brushes available, from extra soft to extra firm. There are about three different types of mitts we use for various surfaces. In car detailing Perth, it’s extremely important not to cross contaminate.


When we first started in this business we often worked for free detailing our loved one’s vehicles. Through trial and error we figured out the best way to tackle a job and master our craft The air compressor was the answer, the way and the truth. This device shaves 2 hours off a detailing job, which is major in our industry. We use this compressor to get in the cracks and crevices of your seats. The vapor steamer allows us to remove the dirt and bacteria from your seats above and below the upholstery surface. For gum, we spray the surface with a solution and roll the steamer across it and both the gum and stain is removed with ease.

Tender Loving Care

We’re car geeks at Perth Car Detailing Specialist. We study how chemicals react on surfaces and which tools provide the best results. Before we start any car detailing Perth job we inspect it to see exactly what the car needs. We are sticklers about using clean tools and buckets before starting any job. Every swipe, rub and flick of the wrist is designed to yield the least amount of friction to your car’s interior and exterior. Too much friction can mean permanently damaging the paint and upholstery. Fortunately there are safe chemicals that we use to lessen the amount of mechanical friction necessary. Give Perth Detailer a call today, and they will handle all your seat and carpet shampooing as well as other car detailing Perth problems you have. Call us now!