When you drive down the street, you turn heads in your truck.  People are always asking if you want to sell it and how many kilometers to the litre it gets.  Keep your investment looking good by contracting Perth Car Detailing Specialist to detail your ride as often or as little as you’d like.  If this is your show truck and you only take it out on the weekends and keep it parked in a garage with a cover, we’d recommend a detailing every three months.  Regular detailing will keep that custom paint job in tip top shape.  If this is your everyday ride, we recommend a monthly detailing to keep it looking brand new. 


Interior Truck Detailing Perth

Cleaning and maintaining the interior of your truck is the most taxing part of detailing. The sheer size of the cabin can make it difficult to angle an elbow the way you might want and access hard to reach spaces. Nonetheless, we use our professional expertise to get your headliner like new. We take our time and are thorough with each brush stroke and wipe. When we first started, it was extremely challenging to get the windows streak free on the first try. Now, we have a two-towel process in which use two different types of microfibre towels that have people thinking your closed window is actually open.

Exterior Truck Detailing Perth

Dirt and scratches can mean the life and death of your car. You spent months agonizing over which color to paint your truck. You know more about paint than the auto body painter. Car shows, catalogues, magazines and truck clubs were your sources of inspiration. Now that you have the perfect color, we will go to great lengths to protect it. Our attention to detail allows us to detect mars and buff them out. We’ll apply a clay bar to remove the debris from the cracks and then coat a sealant over them. Once we’re done polishing, buffing and waxing, you’ll have even more guys offering to take your truck of your hands.


As car nerds we found it particularly frustrating to go to great lengths to protect a car during cleaning only to notice scratches after applying sealants, waxing and buffing. After dissecting our process we discovered that it was the chamis and water blades used during the drying process that were causing minor scratches. It may be difficult to digest, but drying your car improperly can do almost as much damage to your paint surface as washing it improperly. When we switched to high quality microfibre drying cloths, we noticed a marked difference. This is the type of specialist you want to detail your truck. One who is a perfectionist and car nerd at heart.


In addition to the color, your wheels are what sets your truck apart. The size, the rims, the coating, color and alloy used are key in differentiating your truck from the rest. At Perth Detailer, we pay an inordinate amount of attention to your rims and tyres. Whether you have big or small rims, they will get the TLC they deserve. From the solutions to the wheel refurbishment Perth or detailing brush, you can rest assured that your tyres and rims are in good hands. Contact us today to schedule regular maintenance for your truck or a seat and carpet shampooing session – you’ll be happy that you did.