The family dog just hopped in and is scooting his hind parts all over the back seat.  It’s your turn to pick up your son and his very smelly futbol mates from practice.  Your husband shaves in the car when he’s in a rush – and he’s always in a rush.  Matty, your three year old hasn’t quite outgrown picking her boogers and smearing them wherever she pleases.  It pains us to break it to you, but your car is a hotbed for germs.  Given your lifestyle, we commend that you have your car’s interior detailed once a month.  


Your Car is an Extension of Yourself

You can tell a lot about a person by looking at their car. Studies have shown that women will not go out on a second date with a man whose car is a wreck. Some guys drive fancy cars to boost their ego. There’s no better source of gratification than when a beautiful woman acknowledges you – even if she likes your ride more than you. Interior Car Detailing Perth is no easy job, even for professionals. A tremendous amount of detail and time is required to do a thorough job. If keeping a clean ride is the last thing on your mind, allow Perth Car Detailing Specialist to do it for you.

Remove Rubbish and Hoover

The first thing we do at Perth Car Detailing Specialist is to remove the rubbish, personal items and mats from your car. This allows us to have a clean palette to work from. Then we dry hoover the carpets and seats. It is imperative that we shift the seats forward and back to get all areas of the floor. Our specialists then apply a cleaning compound that lifts and coagulates the dirt. Depending on the upholstery, our team may use a brush to agitate the dirt beneath the surface. The type of brush we use is based on the textile installed.

Vapor Steam Hoover and Cleaning the Dash

Vapor steaming the upholstery and carpet is the most enjoyable part of interior car detailing Perth. This is when you can truly see the dirt being extracted. The result is a clean and germ free environment. Let us know if you are prone to particular allergies. We have a variety of compounds and solutions to choose from. If you are particularly concerned with your environmental footprint, we can use ‘green’ products when detailing that are just as effective as conventional cleaners. Lightly dusting your dash while simultaneously hoovering yields the best results. Once we apply the final sheen, you will barely be able to recognize your own car.

Loading Area and Vents

If you were to take a swab of your loading area and examine the contents under a microscope, you would find animal feces, dirt, chewing gum, and about nine different species of bacteria. Your shoe is placed in the loading area for support as you enter and exit your car. As a result, we pay special attention to cleaning and disinfecting the loading area. The vents are constantly circulating air, whether internally or from the environment. You can count on dust and particulates escaping the factory built filters. For this reason, we take our time when cleaning your vents with a hoover and fine brush. Perth Detailer is here to take care of all your interior detailing and truck detailing problems; contact us today to know more!